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What's in your Pit-Stick?: Deoderant Safe List


     Since my last post about, "What's in your Pit-Stick", I have been thinking about writing this follow up post listing a few brands of deodorant which are safe to use.   Whether you suffer from extremely sensitive skin and parfum and fragrance allergies or, maybe you would like to cut the chemicals out of your personal care products; this post will be a great one for you because each of these companies offers a variety of deodorants which could fill your needs.


      I have decided to start with the "True North".  Products which Canadian's can purchase to support their own economy and benefit their heath:

     Rocky Mountain Soap Company

     Located in Canmore, Alberta, this company is a family owned business.  Like Mountain Sky, Rocky Mountain Soap Company started as a very small 300sq. ft store and then erupted into a full fledged business.  Their staple is their hand made soap, but they also manufacture a variety of other products including deodorants.  This company has a commitment to "Zero Environmental Impact" and, "No Testing on Animals, EVER".  Rocky Mountain Soap Company operates on "Bullfrog Power", or wind power, and also out energy back into their grid.  Their packaging is kept to a minimum and they ship in recycled cardboard boxes and use biodegradable cornstarch peanuts to help add extra padding.

     As for their deodorant, they offer a variety of liquid options including:  Unscented, Geranium, "Men's Stuff" (whatever that might smell like), and Cypress.  The price point is a little higher than average, $8.50, which is about $3.00 more expensive than most other natural deodorants; however, the cost is well worth supporting a Canadian company which has a 100% ingredient disclosure and produces deodorant products which do not contain phthalates or artificial fragrance/parfum.  All scents are derived from essential oils.

   Carina Organics

     This is a company which I have praised before for their excellent shampoo products.  Based in Vancouver, Carina Organics is another company with a commitment to excellent environmental practices.  All of their fragrances come from essential oils, no phthalates or artificial parfum/fragrance.  Amongst their line of excellent shampoos, they also have some deodorant sprays.  Carina Organics "Pure & Natural Deodorant Spray", starting at $9.99, it is available in 250ml, 1L, and 4L bottles and is unscented and dye free with staying power up to 24 hours (depending on the conditions of course).  They also have a "Botanical Therapeutic Liquid Crystal Deodorant", starting at $6.99, comes in 120ml, 360ml, 1L, and 4L bottles and is also unscented and dye free and will last up to 24 hours (same conditions apply).  Yes, the ingredients are the same for both products; however, it is explained on the FAQ page that the quantity of the ingredients will vary amongst those products which may contain the same ingredients.  Therefore the final product is slightly different.  I have not tried this deodorant before; however, I have been thinking of switching for a long time.  These products will be the next on my list purely because I can purchase larger bottles and save on the plastic waste.

    That is it for Canadian companies.  Yes, Green Beaver in Ontario also makes natural deodorants; however, they did not make my list because in their natural deodorants there is a chemical called: Steareth-100.  This chemical I have already addressed in previous posts, and Green Beaver's Stereath contains 100 units of ethylene oxide for it to be produced.  Regardless of Green Beaver's statement that the compound is "vegetable derived", it does not change the fact that it has an "eth" in the name and it could contain 1, 4 Dioxane - the suspected carcinogen.  It is curious why Green Beaver would use this compound as on it's "Ingredients we don't use" page lists 1, 4 Dioxane at the top left; and, the article points out to avoid any compound with an "eth" in it's name. 

United States

     Canada might have creamed them at Hockey during the 2014 Winter Olympics; but, they beat us hands down when it comes to natural deodorant products.

     Coastal Creations

     Based in California, in 1992 the company was created after it's founders suffered the loss of a loved one to an auto-immune disease and cancer.  The companies main focus was doing research into chemicals which may have contributed to the development and exacerbation of such health problems and began production in 2001.  Initially serving only Northern California, the company now ships internationally and has earned an excellent reputation for their sustainability practices and cruelty-free commitment.  The only bone that can be picked with this company is that they use fragrance, albeit, phthalate-free fragrance, it is very potent and is synthetic.  They do use essential oils in their products which also carry a scent; however, I find the fragrance-free products much more enjoyable to use and far less potent smelling.  Bearing the good and the not so good in mind, Coastal Creations does manufacture two deodorant powders: "Wave Crest Deodorant Powder" and "Forest Pine Deodorant Powder".  Both cost $7.00USD, come in a 50g container, and contains phthalate-free fragrance oils.

     SGS:  Soaps for Goodness Sake

     Another great American Tale, John and Kathy have been making soaps since 2001.  Concerned with the amount of chemicals in cosmetics and soaps, Kathy decided to begin making her own line.  Creating her soaps in accordance with the Environmental Working Group's approved cosmetic ingredients lists, Kathy and her husband have made a successful on-line business.  SGS offers five different deodorant options: From Australia, "Miessence Aroma Free Deodorant", "Miessence Ancient Spice Deodorant", "Miessence Tahitian Breeze Deodorant", "Exactly! Organics Geranium Yland Ylang Natural Deodorant", and "Exactly! Organics Eucalyptus Natural Deodorant".  All of the Miessence line cost the same, $10.65 for 60ml roll- on application container,  The Exactly!, made in the USA, is regularly costs $8.99 for 80ml container and comes in the form if a spray.  Between the two, the USA made "Exactly", carries more bang-for-your-buck; however, if you're looking for the scent free option, then you are restricted to purchasing the slightly more expensive product from Australia.  The good news, all of the deodorants carried are phthalate free and only contain essential oils.  They are all artificially fragrance free and the "Exactly!" line explicitly advertises that it is cruelty free.

     Tom's of Maine


      In 1968, Tom and Katie Chappell left Philadelphia for a simpler life.  Tom left his very lucrative job at an insurance company and moved the family to Maine, where they sought to cut out as much processed foods from their diets as they could.  Unfortunately, they were unable to find any chemical free personal care products.  In 1970, with a loan from a friend, Tom started his small company which got it's start with a phosphate free laundry detergent, offering an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to the mainstream products.  After the company's small success, they shifted their product line, cutting out the detergent and focused on their first toothpaste line in 1975, and their first deodorant in 1976.  Tom's of Maine does not add colours, artificial fragrances, artificial preservatives (such as formaldehyde and parabens), Ethylene Glycol, Gluten, Phthalate, and is completely aluminum-free.  I personally began using Tom's of Maine when I was 10-years-old, when it's only option was a roll-on liquid applicator.  Now, the company has a wide variety of scents and choices of the traditional stick deodorant, old-school roll-on, and spray.  On-line, Tom's traditional stick deodorants cost a very reasonable $4.99USD, and in Canadian Stores, just over the $5 mark.  They will not leave the dreaded "white streaks", on your dark garments - although, they can leave some markings which can be easily rubbed off.  As for practical longevity, expect to renew twice a day or if you're really self conscious about your body odor.  On a hot day, definitely expect to renew your pit stick, this is not a one time application product.  However, I find that one application on a normal day, after the gym, is enough.  I have been happy with this product all the way thorough puberty, and I plan on using it for years to come.
     Face Naturals

      Aside from being located in Villa Rica, Georgia; there is not a whole lot explained regarding it's origins in the "About Us" section on the website.  It appears as though
Face Naturals is yet another company created because they thought that the chemically laden name brand products were not enough and the consumer deserved better. Face Naturals has a commitment to "Organic" skin care and does not use any artificial fragrances or preservatives in their products.  They have three different forms of deodorant:  traditional stick, cream, and spray.  The traditional stick comes in four different fragrances:  "Lemon Clove",  "Grapefruit Bergamot", "Lavender and Lemon", and "Peppermint and Tea Tree"; all of them cost the same amount for the standard size stick, $10.95USD.  If you are thinking that is a little pricy for you, I would like you to consider that they all contain organic coconut oil; which is surprising and unusual for a deodorant.  None of the other companies I have reviewed use coconut oil as an ingredient.  This both acts as a natural preservative, as coconut oil does not easily spoil, and is an excellent moisturizer if you are a lady who still shaves her pits.  If you are a fan of the deodorant sprays, Face Naturals offers "Himalayan Pink Salt Peppermint Deodorant Spray", at the same cost, $10.95USD.  If you are weary of the "pink salt" part and think it's pretty much horse puckey, I have discovered that there is indeed "pink salt" in the Himalayan mountains which contains iron oxide, and so gives the salt a "pinkish" hue.  The creams are offered in two different sizes and prices:  Large for $10.95USD and "try me", $4.95USD.  They are advertised as being "fast absorbing" and, like the sticks, come in four difference scents: "Grapefruit and Bergamot", "Lavender and Lemongrass", "Lemon and Clove", and "Peppermint and Tea Tree".  Unfortunately, this is the only company I have come across so far which does not offer a "scent free" option; but, if you are willing to stomach the price tag, these might be excellent products.  The coconut oil ingredient is a huge plus and something that I would love to see used more often in natural deodorants

    Be Green Bath & Body

     Based in Massachusetts, Be Green Bath & Body is another family run, home based business.  It's store is on-line, one of the more difficult sites to navigate; however, the proof of this companies passion is in it's mission statement.  This company began with someone like you, concerned about the products they were putting on their body.  From there, they started their own small business using only natural ingredients, essential oils, and no artificial fragrances or preservatives.  They have one deodorant, and it has been tested extensively by athletes and in hot climates like Rome, in August.  Be Green stands behind their deodorant and claims that it works better than all the competitors.  In traditional stick form, "Rosemary Mint Natural Deodorant" costs $9.00USD and is the same size as Tom's of Maine's stick deodorant products.  If you're looking for a new stick to try, this might be the buy for you.  Albeit more expensive, if you are concerned about the lastability of other natural deodorants, this product may surprise you.  It's grand claims are worth a try.


     Backpacking story turned into a successful business, founder and CEO, Jerry Rosenblatt traveled to France in 1984 where he was introduced to a manufactured product made of mineral salts, assisted in the purification of water.  Not surprising, he later experimented and discovered that it also served as an excellent deodorant which naturally deterred odor and sweat.  He soon began to import the product, and with the help of his friends began shaping each stone by hand in order to shop around to various department stores in the hopes of introducing a new chemical free deodorant.  There are so many different kinds of this product, I have decided to only focus on the ones without any questionable ingredients.  Free from parabens, phthalates, or aluminum "Crystal Body Deodorant Stick": $6.99USD, "Crystal Body Deodorant Stick for Men", $6.99USD, "Crystal Body Deodorant travel Stick", $2.99USD, and the rest of the "Crystal Rocks", are the best buy for your chemically conscious underarms.  Located in California and sponsored by Howard Stern....I was going to insert some sort of corny statement involving the key words, "Rock" and "Hard", but I have decided against it. 

     Logona:  German Import Company

     This Logona retailer has an on-line marketplace based in Wisconsin, which allows for their German import products to reach a broader consumer community in the United States.  Founded 1975 in  Hanover, Germany, this company was started by a group of friends who felt that the German marketplace was lacking in accessible and environmentally responsible personal care products.  Initially, Logona started as an import wholesaler; however, two years after the company was started the group began experimenting and making their own personal care products.  Today, Logona is a successful company which carries over 200 varieties of everyday personal care products.  In accordance with the European Commission's Cosmetics standards, Logona offers a higher quality, they do not use any artificial preservatives and only test their products on human volunteers.  All of their products are plant based and cruelty free and they do not use any artificial fragrances. Like Carina Organics and others, Logona offers two natural deodorants in the form of a spray:  "Logona Natural Body Care:  Fragrance Free and Hypoallergenic Deodorant Spray", and "Logona Natural Body Care:  Daily Care Aloe and Verbena Deodorant Spray".  Both products come in 3.2oz bottles and the Aloe and Verbena costs $14.00USD and the Fragrance Free $16.50USD.  The price is rather high; however, bearing in mind this is a German imported product, it might be well worth the cash.  If you plan on shipping from this company, plan on adding on a little to push your purchase across the boarder; but, if you have a shipping address in the United States, this company might be worth your while.
     Who did not make the cut?

  Alba Botanica unfortunately.  Alba is a smaller company which is a part of a massive conglomerate under the corporate umbrella called, The Hain Celestial Group.  Otherwise known as, "Greenwashing incarnate".  All of Alba Botanica's deodorants have Streth-100 in them, which does contain - regardless of advertisement, ethylene glycol in it and is cancerous.  Like Green Beaver, purchase bearing that in mind. The company talks the talk, and is all about the preservation of animals, and yet it still uses a cancer causing compound as a chief ingredient.  Keep a watchful eye my friends.

  That is it for now for this blog entry.  It has taken me a long time to compile all of this information, here's hoping you find it useful and remember: keep reading the back of those labels!.

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